5 must known website for Today’s world

Wish you all are having a great experience with our website and you all are getting what you need. This time I’m back with after a research, spending hours, to get you 5 of the most useful websites that you have no idea about and you need to know all of them for your upcoming future. You may know some of sites given below but you have no idea about all of them.

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1. plus transfer | Transfer big file up to 5gb

Plus Transfer

You may know about some website or apps where you can transfer data up to 1 GB. But I’m pretty sure that you never heard of any that can let you send a big file up to 5 GB of file size yes! Up to 5 GB. Plus Transfer let you transfer big files up to size of 5 GB with ease without installation of any software or registration requirement. Take a look at the steps about how you can transfer a file from Plus Transfer.

Steps to transfer Files

  • First Go to Plus Transfer website.
  • Click on the plus icon to add file.

Plus transfer

  • Select your file and click on Open.

Plus Transfer

  • Click on Start Upload.

Plus Transfer

  • Fill required information including your email address, your message and where you wanna send that file and click on Send.

Plus Transfer

  • After your file being successfully uploaded you will prompt a message like this:

Plus Transfer


2. Ninite – Install or update Multiple apps at once 


Ninite is online website which will help you stay updated with your computer software. You can install or update any software in your computer with any requirement of sign up or subscribtion. You don’t need any toolbar or have to click that annoying Next button multiple times. Just go to ninite website, pick your required software and Click on Get Your Ninite. And that’s all now your required file will begin to install or update without any registration requiement, without spending a single bucks or clicking that annoying Next button multiple times.

3. Popurls | Mother of news aggregators


It is an All in one news website which will get you news from all popular news website at on place. It includes websites like Google News, Reddit, The Verge, HackerNews, Buzzfeed, Youtube, Flicker, Dailymotion, Nytimes, Onion, Pinboard, LifeHackere etc. you can also customize this website by your need. You can select websites, according to articles you wants and can customize whether you want to Hide Popular, Hide Media feeds and Hide Quickies. Hope this information will help you to get up to date with world’s news.

4. BuiltWith Technology Lookup

Built With


BuiltWith is a free website that will help you to get information about any website. If you want to know about the information about any website and what that website is built with, like what plugins are used in that website, where they are getting hosting from, SSL certificate etc. This website is useful from any student to industry professional. This website have many more features like Lead Generation, Market Analysis, Sales Intelligence, Data Coverage, Cyber Risk Auditing, Alternative Data, report Filtering, API Access, CRM Integrations, Browser Extensions, All Features, Screencast demo. Do Check this website!

5. Privnote – Send notes that will self-destruct after

being read


If you want to send someone a special note that will self-destruct itself after a specific time or after reading that note, then you should head over to this website. This website will help you to create a private note, set how manually about how this note will be self-destruct and let you create a password for that private note.

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