Chat bots and Questions to ask for your Google Assistant

As we all are very well aware of Google assistant for your devices, we all are very curious to know new things related to Google Assistant. Google Assistant is a very smart AI developed by Google and in my opinion, it is way better than AI technology of other assistant of your personal devices.

Many peoples are asking me about what funny or interesting talks they can have with their Google Assistant. Today, after spending lot of days with my Google Assistant, I’ll bring you best of questions that you can ask to your Google Assistant and Some Awesome Chatbots, you can talk with in your Google Assistant.

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QUESTIONS you can ask to your Google Assistant


1. what’s your life story?

Ask your Google Assistant “what’s your life story?” and she will give you some answers like this:

Life Story

2. Are you Human?

Nope! she is not human. But she have been told that she is personable, as she says.

Are You human

3. Are you a bot?

Of course! But she prefer to be our friend who is artificially intelligent, as she says.

are you a bot

4. How old are you?

she is still young. But cool Young. Not baby young.

how old are you


5. Who is your Mother?

The engineers are her family. they’re very close, as she says.

who is your mother

6. What is your ancestry?

I still can’t believe that paperclip is Google Assistant’s conceptual grandpa. LOL!

what is your ancestry

7. What do you like?

Assistant always like to learn new things to help you all the time.

what do you like

8. Do you have hair?

Of course not! but she can tell you some interesting hair style.

Do you have hair

9. When it’s your birthday?

She can tell you birth day too!

When it's your birthday

10. Where do you live?

She is always right here in our phone, as she said:

where do you live

11. Who is your best friend?

She is a people person. As she says:

who is your bestfriend

12. What is your morning routine?

She enjoys morning. She does lot of things in morning as she has explained:

What is your morning routine

13. Do You follow the three laws of robotics?

She is very well aware of three laws of robotics as she explained:

Do you follow the three laws of robotics

14. Do you sleep?

Just look at this… She is very smart…

do you sleep

15. Do you have feeling?

She got a lot of emotions. Some times, a lot of!

do you have feelings

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CHAT BOTS you will love to talk with


1. Talk to mr. Grumbles

Do you got some gripes to discuss? You should talk to mr. grumbles.

Mr. Grumbles

2. Talk to Rudeness bot

He is so rude!

Rudeness bot

3. Talk to smart people

It’s a quiz game!

Smart People


4. Talk to meme quiz

It’s a quiz game too!

Meme quiz

5. Talk to Interactive story

Getting bored? Hear some story with Interactive story.

Interactive Story

6. Ask success quotes to inspire me

Want someone to inspire you? You should talk to Success quotes to inspire you.

Success quotes

7. Talk to Roast masters

Want to roast someone? Roast master can done the job for you.

Rudeness bot

8. Talk to marvel fact

Who don’t love marvel movies and comics? You should take a look at those fact too that are still hidden from you.

Marvel Fact

9. Talk to rajinikanth jokes

Yenna rascala! the south hero Rajnikanth have some damn good jokes for you. You should hear one.

Rajnikanth Jokes

10. Talk to arguing room

Want to argue with someone. Get into the Arguing room!

Arguing room

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That’s all guys for today…!!! For me it’s a GOOD BYE for now! See you in my next post… Don’t forget to check out my website.


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