Creative android app you really don’t wanna miss

Hii guys…!!! Today I’m going to talk to you about some cool Android app, that you should probably like. These apps I’ve chosen with my own, spending hours to get the best app on Google Play Store. Now It’s time for you to get these apps in your Android device for free.

These apps will help you to show off in front your friend. The friends who just make you jealous with their new devices. You can give them a good view of what your Android devices is capable of!!!

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So here are the apps you are waiting for…


1. Fast Finder by Denim Basumatary


Fast finder


Fast finder by Denim Basumatary is an android app which can make your search way more easier than you can ever imagine. After having all proper permissions, this app can search you apps, songs, contacts,video & file by writing one portion of that file name. You can also search for the files which are hidden deep in file browser. This app also have an advanced file search option that is you can search for any particular file extension by typing the extension name like jpg,  gif, png etc. With this app can search query in google app, play store,all browser apps etc. This app have three themes that is light, dark & amoled theme.

2. Control center ios 11 by luutinh developer


Control Center IOS 11


Love IOS Control center??? Want that in your Android device too!!! Now you can have Control center like IOS 11. Control Center IOS 11 by LuuTinh Developer is an app which can make you feel like IOS control center interface. You can customize this app for your convenience. You can decide whether you want access to control center from up, down, left or right. This app can give you instant access to the Camera, Clock, Screen Brightness, Sound and way more settings And the best part about this app is you can customize these settings to have access quickly to the file you want.

3. Drawers by dave k




This amazing 1.2 MB app is just awesome. The developer thought that good enough that how you can have a desk like drawer in your Android phone. Having this app you can have access to your apps quick enough then you ever thought. You just have to slide a drawer like icon from right side of your screen. You can decide whether you want one, two or more drawer in your Android phone and how many apps are set in each drawer.

4. Fonty – draw and make fonts by photo and video apps




Fonty, the name describe the features of this app. This app let you make your own fonts. Fonty font editor gives you full creative power to make a truly unique font of your own. You can use shapes, cut and splice, and even add awesome cliparts. Fonty will change your thought about that old boring fonts.

5. ioutof10 phone x notch by apps for droids


iOutOf10 iPhone X Notch


iOutOf10 Phone X Notch app is just a show off thing for your android device. You can get costly notch of iPhone X in any of your android device. This app let you decide which type of notch you want to have in your that is you can change your Android device notch with three other which any other fixed notch phone can’t. You can choose notch style between iPhone X notch, Essential or Black.


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