Get the link of a youtube vedio from a specific time

Hiii Guys…!!! As we all know that YouTube has become a very big platform worldwide. In this time everyone on internet is also spending their time to YouTube platform. YouTube makes a great impact to our society by giving them a special look of world by watching all of incident occurred in this world.

Say you wanna send your friend a video and you don’t want to waste his time by watching intro and other stuff. So have to send the link of  YouTube video by specific time. Today I’m going to show 3 methods about how you can send a YouTube video from a specific time.

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method 1: by changing the url

First method to send the link is that you can edit the url to make sure your video will start from the specific time. Their are following steps involved to start the video by changing the url link:

  • First open the video you want to send to your friend. When your video is loaded then your video url would look something like this:

vedio url

  • Now at the end of the url you have to add &t=”minute”m”sec”s” for ex. if you have to start your video from 1 minute and 3 sec you can add &t=1m3s at the end of the primary url.

vedio url

  • And that’s all done now you have the link of the video from 1 minute and 3 second.

method 2: By clicking on share button

You can also get the link of specific time by sharing the video like this:

  • First open your video and scroll down then click on share button.

Youtube share Button

  • Then you have to tick on Start at option and give it a specific time and then hit enter.

Youtube share

  • And that’s all you have your specific time link for the video.

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Method 3: By selecting option from right-click 

This is the easiest method you can have to send link from a specific time. Here are some simple steps for this method:

  • First open your video.

Youtube vedio

  • Right click on the video at the time you want the link and click on Copy video URL at Current time and that’s all now you have the link for the video at the specific time.

copy url


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That’s all guys for today. It’s being a good time with you guys keep coming to our website and hope to see you in my next post.

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