How to create a virus to check your antivirus

Viruses can be very harmful for your PC or any other device. It can crash your drives and can create a major impact on hardware of your computer too. All of us are aware to that part of our electronic device. It can be more dangerous if it leaks your data. That’s where antivirus comes into play. Antivirus are made to remove viruses but sometimes it doesn’t work or get weak from time to time. Today I’ll bring a technique from which you can create a harmless virus aka EICAR Antivirus Test File for your computer and can check your antivirus.

EICAR Antivirus Test File is developed by European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR) and Computer Antivirus Research Organization (CARO) to test the response of Computer Antivirus programs. Without using real malware, which could cause real damage to your system, this file is developed to test antivirus without using real viruses.

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Follow the steps below to create your own EICAR Anti-virus test file…

Steps to create your own Virus to check antivirus

  • First go to Start < Windows Accessories  and open Notepad.


  • Copy and paste following code in notepad:



  • Save this file as antivirus test.bat or *.bat 


  • And that’s all your test virus file is created.

EICAR Antivirus test file

  • Now if your antivirus is working then it will detect this file as virus otherwise this file will be saved to your drive.

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Now that I’ve told you about how you can create your virus to check your computer antivirus, you should go and try this to your own PC. It is 100% safe to your computer and can get you a true result about your antivirus.

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