How To Enable Always-On USB OTG Feature In Any OnePlus Devices

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Hello Guys! In today’s era, Smartphones are like a neccessity for doing almost all work. People send and receive files via Bluetooth or by Wi-Fi (Hotspot) but for sending and receiving data from pendrive it is done by inbuilt software in smart called OTG ( On-The-Go). You can always get OxygenOs update if developer does not issue update for you device. With the help of the OTG user can hook up a hard drive, play games with a controller, or listen to music and do a lot of stuff. Major smartphone company enable the OTG feature in his low, medium and high ends devices but the company OnePlus in his OnePlus devices which are running on OxygenOs automatically switches off OTG function if not used for ten minutes and requiring users to re-enable it whenever they want to make use of it. For solving this we are sharing a trick on How to Enable Always-On Usb OTG Feature In Any OnePlus Devices such as OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T/6/ which does not requires any root permission.

How To Enable adb on windows

Phone setting (developer option):-

  • Go to setting of your device.
  • Then go to the About phone of your phone ( Check bottom of the setting)
  • Find Buid Number and tap 7 time until it shows you are become developer.
  • Then go back ( you are on phone setting page ) and check for developer option.
  • And then tap on USB Debugging mode option.

Windows Adb setup:-

  1. First of all download ADB for windows click here.
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into an easily accessible folder.
  3. Open the Extract folder of ADB.
  4. Then open up a Command Prompt from the same directory as this ADB. This can be done by holding Shift and Right-clicking within the folder then click the “open command prompt here” option. (Some Windows 10 users may see “PowerShell” instead of “command prompt”.)
  5. Connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer with a USB cable. Change the USB mode to “file transfer (MTP)” mode. (Some OEMs may or may not require this, but it’s best to just leave it in this mode for general compatibility.)
  6. In the Command Prompt window, enter the following command to launch the ADB daemon: ” adb devices “.
  7. On your phone’s screen, you should see a prompt to allow or deny USB Debugging access. Grant USB Debugging access when prompted (and tap the always allow check box if you never want to see that prompt again).
  8. Lastly Follow the step from #6. ( If you are do all process correctly you will see your phone serial number ).

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How To Enable Always-On Usb OTG Feature in Any OnePlus Devices (Without Root)

*Note:- For enable always-on Usb OTG feature In any oneplus devices you must have a Computer/Laptop and little bit knowledge about adb command.

  • Go to the Setting of your OnePlus device then go to Advance and then enable OTG storage.
  • Then you need to run adb coomand on your computer/Laptop.
  • After that run below command

adb shell settings put global oneplus_otg_auto_disable 0

*Note:- If you are using termnal emulator to enable always-on Usb OTG feature then run below command.

settings put global oneplus_otg_auto_disable 0

  • You can verify that setting has changes or not by running below command.

adb shell settings get global oneplus_otg_auto_disable

*Note:- If you are using termnal emulator to check setting has change or not then run below command.

settings get global oneplus_otg_auto_disable

  • Done! You have succesfully enable always-on Usb OTG feature in any OnePlus Devices.

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