How to include Estimated Reading time to your WordPress articles

As a beginner, everyone wants to know how much people care about their website, is they providing a better user experience or not, if their users are spending time to their website or if they just leave! These questions are very useful for any beginner in blogging. What if people come to your website and does not reading any article, or they just come to leave any back-link of their blog or website. You really don’t know that you have users that are really care about your article.

Thinking of all that, I’ll bring you a very simple way with is helpful for all WordPress bloggers. You can see the estimated users are spending to your blog and take a satisfactory breath out their that your article is best and you should write more about that.

So without wasting your too much of time lets see how you can do this…

Step 1: Plugin Installation

At your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugin>Add New.

Then search for Reading Time WP in the search box. It is a Plugin developed by Jason Yingling. And once you find the plugin then click on Install then activate the plugin.

Reading Time WP

Step 2: Setup

Once you activate the plugin, it will automatically add the read time feature on all of your articles. However, you can certainly turn it on/off from the setting page. Also, you can make other changes as per your wish.

You have to go to Settings>Reading Time WP from the left side panel.


Here, you can change the text that appears before and after the time. You can also change the average reading speed which is set to 300 by default.

You can also decide whether you want to insert the reading time into your content and excerpt. Just check/uncheck the options you like and do not forget to save the changes by clicking on the Update options button.

You can also display it manually with the help of the following shortcode:

[rt_reading_time label=”Reading Time:” postfix=”minutes” postfix_singular=”minute”]

Step 3: Style the text (optional)

This Plugin adds the read time in plain text by default, whether you choose to do that automatically or using shortcodes. So, I’m here to to help you to style that plain text.

Well you can do that with the help of CSS.

Just go to Appearance>Customize and then click on Additional CSS. Now add the following code in the text area and click on Publish.

.rt-reading-time {
font: italic bold 16px sans-serif;
color: #009688;
margin-bottom: 15px;

Now take a look at it:


Estimated time


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