How To Increase Real Instagram Followers Legally With Neutrino+

Instagram lover! But not getting too many likes and views on your pics and video than you deserve? Today I’m bringing you a legal way to increase your Instagram followers legally with an app called Neutrino+.

This app is available in Google Play Store and it’s a safe and simple method to increase your Instagram followers without any deactivation issue of your Instagram profile.

In this article I’ll give you full information about this app, what this app is?, How this app works? and how you can use this app to increase your Instagram followers.

What is Neutrino+?

Neutrino+ is an app which is used to increase the Instagram followers. This app uses crystals which work like currency to promote your Instagram profile on this app for some minutes or days according to the number of your crystals.

Steps To Download And Setup your Instagram Profile on Neutrino+

  • Download this app from Google Play Store with This Link
  • After downloading this app, open this app and skip all introduction and agree to the terms and condition of this app.

Skip introduction

  • Sign in to your profile and then tap on the tick located at the top-right corner of this app to confirm your profile.

Sign in

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How Neutrino+ Works?

Neutrino+ is only about crystals! The much as the crystal you’ve got, the much Instagram followers will you gain. There are many free and paid methods to get crystals in this app.

Automatic Crystal Gaining: 


You can step into the Crystals Gaining option, which is a floating button at the bottom-right corner of the screen of this app and there you’ll get an Automatic Crystal gaining button. You can tap on the Automatic Crystal gaining button to keep crystals coming automatically in the constant interval of time.

More Crystals: 


This is another option which is located in Crystal Gaining option. In this option, you can get crystals by doing some simple tasks. There is a use promo codes option which can be used once. You can get promo code by taking part in the different contests which they organize in Social Networks. You also have an option to Transfer crystals to your friend. The fees for the transfer of crystals in this app is 35% of your transfer crystals amount, which is getting paid by your friend.

Referral System:


There is a referral system too, which you can use to earn more crystals. This works when your friend enters your referral code which your friend should specify at first login with this app. The more you have active referrals the more rewards you get.

Changes in Setting: 


  • At the top-right corner of this app you will get menu icon, and thereafter you’ll see an option to go to the settings.
  • Go to the settings and Check the box which texted as, “Gain Automatically”.

Paid methods: 


you can also purchase crystals and boosts when you tap on the $ sign option, located at the home screen of this app.

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