How To Know Someone’s IP Address For Free

You can do many things with an IP Address like You can track the ISP’s position using several IP tracing websites available online, You can look up for any blacklisting for that IP, You can figure out the average internet speed by the given ISP and many more. Today I’m bringing you a technique by which you can easily get someone’s IP Address for free.

NOTE: Don’t use this technique for any illegal work. This is for educational purpose only.

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Steps To Know Someone’s IP Address

  • First head over to IP Logger Website.
  • Scroll down and Click on Get IPLogger code on URL Shortener or Invisible Image.

IP logger

  • Invisible image will show a black image when someone’s open image and URL shortener will show the URL you’ve redirected it to go. I’ll show you by Invisible image method and the same procedure are applied in URL Shortener method
  • Click on Get IPLogger code on Invisible image then it’ll show you it’s term and conditions. Agree with the terms and condition and click on Next.

Terms and conditions

  • Now it’ll redirect to a page which looks something like this:

IP Logger

  • Copy Your IPLogger link for collecting statistics (no BB codes) code and send to the person you want to get IP Address of.
  • Now to view the IP Address of the person who opens that link, simply copy and paste use Link for viewing statistics to your web browsers URL and hit enter.
  • Now this will show you victim’s IP Address and ISP details, Country/City, the time when he open that link and platform as well as the browser by which he open that link.

IP Logger


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