How To Know Which App Is Steal Your Data

In recent times, the misuse of people’s data has sparked off all. After Facebook’s data leak case, Apple has now made tough decisions to keep data safe. But do you know that the apps you download include some apps that steal your data? After all, how to find out which app are you trying to steal your data?

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  • When you download an app from the Google Play Store or other app store, it asks for your permission for your information, phone number and so on. While iOS apps ask for this permission during installation, Android applications ask for permissions before installing.
  • Now to check that those apps are not tracking any of your data or microphone or contact number, go to Android users settings and then click Apps.
  • There you will see the apps that you have given permission to use your data. When you open an app, you will also know which app has permission to see which of your information.

If that’s the case, do not panic, there’s an app for Android, which monitors the apps running in your phone and gives information about which app is using your data.

GlassWire App:-

  • Download GlassWire apk from here.
  • GlassWire keeps track of your Wi-Fi to data limits. This app protects your Android phone and prevents you from spying on your data.

Monitor your app from steal your data

  • Its live graph shows you which apps are using which of your data. In this app you can also check in the back date and see which applications have used your data first.

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