How to record internal audio of Android (Rooted & Non-Rooted)

If you are a Android device Gamer or YouTube tutorial maker than you’d probably need to record internal sound of your Android Phone. As of now not every recorder can record Internal audio of Android device. But today I’m going to show you a way to record internal audio or internal audio + your audio in your Android Device.

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Why can’t i record internal sound

First of all lets dig into it about why you can’t record internal audio of Android device. Due to the Android OS policy, applications are not given the permission to record the internal audio of your device. So you’d probably need something to record your Internal audio. Below are some method and tips to record system audio in best way.

How to record Internal audio of Android

Non-rooted method:

For LG and Sumsung Phones:

If you have Sumsung or LG Android phones than you can easily record your Internal Audio using Mobizen screen recorder.You can download it from below link:

For other devices:

  • Don’t record audio directly from your Android device.
  • Use headphones.
  • Increase Game volume, but not increase till full level.
  • Your room should be fully quite.
  • Use Mobizen Screen Recorder for Best recording.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

  • Use Mobizen Earphones for recording your Internal audio. Mobizen earphones are specially made to record your Android device Internal Audio + recording your voice to, if you want it to. It is specially made for gamers around the world. You can buy Mobizen earphones by clicking on the image below:
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Rooted method:

You can record Internal audio of your Android device with ease because it will give your Screen recorder superuser permission. To record Internal Audio of your Android Device just follow the steps given below:

  • Download SCR Screen Recorder.
  • Now install SCR Screen recorder and open it.
  • It will ask you to enable Display pop-ups permission.

SCR screen recorder

  • Than go to your permission manager and give the display popup permission.

Permission Maneger

  • Now It will ask for granting Superuser Permission. Grant it the Superuser Permission.

Superuser Permission

  • Go to App settings and choose internal in the Audio section.
  • That’s all now it will record your Internal audio only.

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