How To Renew SSL Certificate For Free

How To Renew SSL certificate For Free

Hey readers, hope you are enjoying our tricks and this time we come with a new SSL trick. If you are a blog/website owner then you are familiar with SSL Certificate issue. A website should be secure if it’s SSL Certificate is up to date. No one goes to a unsecured website because it carry unwanted risk and data leaks problems. Recently facebook has come in news with data leaks problems of it’s users. A website is fully secured when its shows SECURE in the web address bar and carry a lock iconin the web address bar. SSl Certificate get expire according to time to time and renew of SSL Certificate cost starts from $5.88 and goes to $100 and above. Web-hosting provider like Godaddy , BigRock charge very heavy for providing SSL Certificate. This is why we come with SSL Certificate trick that will provide you FREE SSL Certificate for your blog/website and saves your hard earn money 🙂

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How to install ssl CERTIFICATE for free

  • Firstly open SSL for Free by clicking here.
  • Enter your Website address and click on Create Free SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate

  • .Then click on Manual Verification and after that Manually Verify Domain.

SSL Certificate

  • Then it will show you download two file name as- Download File-1 and Download File-2.

SSL Certificate

  • Download both file by clicking over on it.
  • Then open your host provider website and Login into it.
  • Then go to the web-hosting section and click on manage.
  • Click on cPanel Admin and then click on File manager.
  • Click on Web Root.
  • Create a new folder and rename it as “.well-known”.
  • Create another folder in your domain under “.well-known” named “acme-challenge” if it does not already exist.
  • Upload the two downloaded files to the “acme-challenge” folder.
  • If the files do not show random alphanumeric characters or shows an error then recheck that you are uploading in the correct place. Also try viewing the page source (Right-click then click “view page source”) of the above links to make sure nothing else shows up but the verification file contents. If you use IIS then you may have to change your server config so that files without an extension (or the wildcard MIME type) serves as text/plain. Contact your host if you are unsure.
  • After Successful uploading click on download SSL Certificate.
  • Copy the code one by one and paste into your website SSL Certificate.
  • Click on save and open your website in new tab of your browser.
  • If it Shows SECURE means that your website is fully secured.

Note:- SSL Certificate will expire after 90 days so you have to do all these process again after 90 days.

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