How To Turn Current Time Of Your Smartphone Into Screen Lock/App Lock Password

It’s fun to do some creative things on your smartphone. Today I’ll show you how you can make the current time of your smartphone into an app lock/screen lock password. This is a fun thing, you can open your smartphone in front of anyone and after a minute, if they wanna open your phone they wouldn’t be able to open that.

Steps To Make Current Time Of Smartphone Into Screen Lock/App Lock Password

Screen Lock/App Lock



  • I’ll show you steps to lock apps with this app and you can apply the same steps to lock your home screen.
  • First, open App Lock – Time Password and you will see an interface like this:


  • You can choose any one of them I’m showing you the first one i.e. Current Time. It will change the current time into the password.
  • When you tap on the Current Time option, it will ask you to allow SHOW_SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission. Simply tap on Allow.

Display over other apps

  • When you tap on Allow it will lead you to Display over other apps screen, tap on AppLock and turn on Allow display over other apps.

Display over other apps

  • Now it will ask you to add more security by adding/subtracting 2 min to the current time to open your apps. If you don’t want to add any extra security than tap on Not Now.

Extra Security

  • Now this will ask you to apply reverse pin modifier that will change the pin in reverse mode.

Reverse Pin Modifier

  • It will ask you a Security question. Add a Recovery Answer and tap on Save.

Security Question

  • Now at the home screen of this app tap on Choose Apps to Lock.

Home Screen

  • Select an app and it will ask you to allow Apps with usage access permission. Simply tap on SETTINGS.


  • Choose AppLock in Apps with usage access and turn on Permit usage access.

Apps with usage access

  • Now your App lock is all set!

App Lock

  • You can do the same steps with Screen Lock – Time Password to use your current time as screen lock password.


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