iOS12 Beta : Release Date, Compatible Devices,10 New Cool Features.

At WWDC 18 event Apple has announced new iOS12 to iPhone lover. WWDC (World Developer Conference) event was held on San Jose Convenient centre, San Joes California, United States from 4th of June to 8th of June2018.

About iOS 12

Apple is completely different with the streaming request to watch the stream. It is different previously you have to use Safari on Apple computer this year you don’t have to do any more testing can be played on any device with HTML5 support (Google Chrome or any other browser of your choice).

Every phone of Apple who is running on iOS 11 will get iOS12 support very soon.

iOS 12 on iPhone SE

You can also install iOS12 beta version on your device but iOS beta version is always risky like playing gambling. I install beta version but it contain bug laginess, random crashes , third party Apps related issue to work on new version and there is always risk of instability, battery issue and battery life is nuked as well it also occur with many heating issue.

Highlights Of iOS12

  • Its main focus is to improve the stability of an iPhone. There is a quick Optimisation on iOS 12 which is highly focus on an iPad now.
  • Now having iphone horizontally it can be unlocked by face I’d and there will be 150 emojis.
  • There’s always option of do not disturb call 2.0 that will come with features like filtering call an automatic deny the call is also present iOS 12 .
  • AR gives multiple gaming support to an similar iPhone.
  • June 4 for iOS12 developer beta (for paid Apple Developers)
  • Likely June 26 for a public beta (based on iOS 11 public beta
  • Likely September for the final iOS 12 software with new iPhones
    • Apple’s looking to put the problematic iOS 11 behind it.
    • Older iPhones will be 40% to 70% faster at certain tasks.
  • Compatible with iPhone 5S, iPad mini2 and iPad Air.

10 New Features of iOS12

    • Siri can now translate over 40 language pairs.
    • Food and celebrity facts knowledge expanded upon.
    • Password search not part of Siri’s duties in iOS 12.
    • Grouped notification on iOS 12 to clean up individual notifications mess.
    • Smartly grouped by app, topic, thread. Tap in to look at a particular group.
    • Can clear a whole group of notifications with a single swipe.
      • Four new Animoji masks: Ghost, Koala, Tiger and T-Rex.
      • Personalized ‘Memoji’ to look like you or ‘the real you.
      • Animoji and Memoji clips last 30 seconds (up to 10 seconds).
      • Tongue and wink detection for iOS 12 Animoji.

iOS 12 Compatible Devices

iOS 12 compatible device

  1. iPhone x
  2. iPhone 8 plus
  3. iPhone 8
  4. iPhone 7 plus
  5. iPhone 7
  6. iPhone 6s
  7. iPhone 6s plus
  8. iPhone 6
  9. iPhone 6 plus
  10. iPhone SE
  11. iPhone 5
  12. 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2nd generation
  13. 12.9 inch iPad Pro 1st generation
  14. 10.5 inch iPad Pro
  15. 9.5 inch iPad Pro
  16. iPad Air 2
  17. iPad Air
  18. iPad 6th generation
  19. iPad 5th generation
  20. iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3,iPad Mini 2
  21. iPod Touch 6nd generation.

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