[Easy] Log out on Facebook from Everywhere

Hii guys…!!! As you all know that Facebook is a very big social networking platform. And where there is something great, some problems also occurs in there. You can not trust anybody with your personal information or mess with your identity. Giving your Facebook account in some other hand is not so cool thing ever happened. When someone have your Facebook account, he can mess with your personal life too, your personal details, your personal chats, your Facebook posts etc. It is so important to log out from Facebook from all the devices.

Now if you have logged in your Facebook account with your friends or Someone else device you may have concerned about your privacy and security. So this time around I’m going to show you how you can log out in Facebook from everyone device.

The steps I’ll show you are very simple and lead you to keep your account safe from any spam or any misuse of your profile.

Steps to log out on Facebook from all devices:

  • First log into your Facebook account from your device.
  • Go to menu tab.


  • Scroll down and click on Settings & Privacy.


  • Then click on Account Settings.

Account settings

  • In Account Settings click on Security & login.

Security & login

  • In Where you’re logged in window click on See More.

See more

  • At last click on Log Out Of All Session. And it’s all done. Now you have safely logged out on Facebook from all devices which you previously logged in.

Log out


Thank you guys for reading this post hope to see you in my next post…

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