One line of code & You will become famous!!!

Hii Guys…!!! As you all know that many of those guys who are at the top of Forbes right now like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc. have very good knowledge about coding. Today I’m going to tell you about how you can become famous with just one line of code and remember that It’s just a trick and It’s not that real. First I’ll show you what I’ve done with this trick.

Have you heard about new Facebook & Twitter Ceo? Let me show you who is he…

Facebook Google page

Twitter Google page

That’s cool…!!! yaa…!!!

Now Guys without taking your too much of time I’ll show you the steps… Let’s Go!!!

Steps to Make yourself famous:

First Let me clear this guys that it is not real. It’s just a code that will make your page content editable. Now let me take you to the steps of making your page content editable…

  • First open the page you want to edit the content.

Facebook Google page

  • Now press ctrl + shift + I. Which will take you in developer tools.

Developer tools

  • Go to console and add a simple code given below and hit enter…


Developer tools

  • Now you can edit your page content. Just select the content you want to edit and right-click on it and click on Inspect.

Facebook Google page

  • In the color given below right-click on the color code and copy color code and close the menu.

Developer tools

  • Now write what you want in the content.

Facebook Google page

  • Right click on the selected text and click on Inspect then in color section click on color code and paste the code you’ve copied.

Developer tools

  • And it’s all done close developer tools click a screenshot and share your awesomeness with your friends.

Facebook Google page

  • Don’t reload the page or it will become normal again.

Hope you guys enjoy this one… Good bye for today and I’ll see you in my next post till then have a good day…

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