Open Google Chrome Browser Always in incognito mode

Hiii Guys…!!! I’m back with another cool trick for your PC. I thought many of our followers may uses Google chrome browser. So why should we not get a cool trick about what they can do with there Google Chrome Browser!!! How about having a look about there privacy. So that I thought that to tell you about how you can easily open your Google Chrome Browser always in Incognito mode.

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About Incognito mode

Chrome won’t remember the files you downloaded while browsing in Incognito mode. But, they’re still saved to your Downloads folder, even when you exits from Incognito mode. With Browsing in Incognito mode your Google Chrome Browser won’t save the following information:

  • Your Browsing History.
  • Cookies & Site Data.
  • Infromation entered in forms.

But Your activities might still be visible to:

  • Websites you visit, including the ads and resources used on those sites.
  • Your Employer, School or Whoever runs the network you’re using.
  • Your Internet Service Provider.


How to open Google chrome Browser always in incognito mode

Here are some simple steps which will lead you to the steps for opening your Google Chrome Browser In Incognito mode whenever you open it:

  • First Right-Click on your Google Chrome Browser Icon and Click on Properties.

Google Chrome

  • Then in Target Box add -incognito in the end of path as shown in the Image.


  • Click on ApplyAfter Clicking on Apply you’ll need Adminostrotor permision, just Click on Continue.



  • And It’s all done now your Google Chrome Browser will Always open in Incognito mode in future.

Incognito mode


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That’s all guys for this post…!!! Enjoy your Google Chrome Browsing in Incognito mode. See you in my next post. Till then Good Bye…!!! Have a nice day…!!!



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