Slide to shutdown Your Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 is great achivement of Microsoft corporation and since it came into market, it won millions of hearts. Windows 10 have a dozens and dozens of cool features in there showcase. Today we gonna talk about an intresting feature of Windows 10 and that is Slide to Shutdown. Slide to Shutdown is an awesome feature we have seen in many smartphone where you have to slide some given object down to shutdown your smartphone. And now you can do that same thing in Windows 10 PC.

It’s been great time with this feature cause it helps you to turn off your PC quickely than going to start menu than click on turn off then again choose between turn off, sleep & restart. That’s so boring process. Right Yaah!!! So I’m here to get you out from your boredum!!! and tell you how you can turn off your PC using Slide to Shutdown.

So just follow the steps to get this feature turn on in your pc…

Steps to Slide to Shutdown your PC

  • First Right-Click on your desktop, Go to New & select Shortcut.

Windows 10

  • Then Copy & Paste following lines into your Shortcut box section and click on Next.


Slide to shutdown

  • Again Click on Finish.

Slide to Shutdown

  • And now a small shortcut icon of SlideToShutdown.exe is created in your desktop.


  • Just click on that icon to Slide to shutdown your PC.


Bonus: You can also put this file in your taskbar to get in touch with a very comfortable way.

  • To do this just click on the SlideToShutdown.exe icon and click on Pin to Taskbar.


  • And it’s all done now you have slidetoshutdown.exe icon always in your reach.


Now that you’ve got this feature on your Windows 10 PC like this post, Comment for some extra tricks and share with your friends.

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Good bye friends…!!! Hope to see you in my next post. Till then have a good day…!!!




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