Video Call your friends on Duo through Google Assistant

Google Assistant have many features to help you with your device. It can help you to get rid of boredom, in that case you can ask Google Assistant questions and can talk with many chat bots in there. It can grab a feed from your security camera and live-stream it on your TV, but for the longest time, it wasn’t able to send a message on Google  Allo or start a video call on Google Duo.

Now Google is starting to get some updates for your Google Assistant to start a video call with your friends. For that you just have to say “video call CONTACT_NAME” and Assistant will reply, saying it’s making a video call on Duo. But in case you don’t have Duo installed on your device, it will invoke Hangouts instead.

The difference between making a video call with Duo and Hangout through Google Assistant is that, Duo will actually makes a video call whereas Hangout will only say that it’s making a video call.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant



Perhaps the feature is still rolling out now, perhaps it requires a certain server-side switch from Duo or the Google App or Play Service, and it only working in certain locales. We can’t tell for sure where or how this working, but do give a try and let us know in comment section below.

For a kind information, the Google Assistant settings have started showing a renamed Voice and Video Calls section where you can link up your Google Duo account. It should technically be related to the future above, even if the description only mentions Smart Displays, but we’ve not seen those settings yet.


Along with many features of Google Assistant, this feature will give Google Assistant a new advantage. Making Google Assistant better and better, many new features are also coming in upcoming future. So subscribe to our website to get updated with those upcoming features and to get more information about other tech related news and tricks.


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