WhatsApp now starts labeling forwarded messages

WhatsApp now starts rolling out a new feature called forward labeling which will tell you about the message, they have received is forward by its sender. The new WhatsApp feature essentially adds a “Forwarded” label to all the forwarded messages. This “Forwarded” label will help you to decide, about the message they’ve received, is originally created by the sender of that message or it is forwarded by the sender.

Fake news and spam messages become a great problem for WhatsApp and Facebook, which causes many lives around the globe. This approach by WhatsApp is a step towards fight against Fake news and spam messages.

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On announcement of this feature WhatsApp said, “WhatsApp cares deeply about safety. We encourage you to think before sharing messages that were forwarded.” This statement is a proof that they cared about the effects that fake news in WhatsApp makes worldwide.

About Forwarded Messages feature

Without any doubt you should have latest version of WhatsApp to get this feature on your one-on-one chat. This feature was previously a part of the WhatsApp Beta for Android version 2.18.179, released last month. This new feature is rolling out now for both Android and iOS users and will be available globally in the next few days.

This label makes a room in top of forwarded message which is labeled as “Forwarded”. It will help you to decide that the message, you’ve received is forwarded by the person. The best part about this feature is nobody can disable this option. This means that users who forward the message isn’t able to remove “Forwarded” label from their message. While the feature is indeed help to cases where a message is being forward using WhatsApp’s native message forwarding functionality, it doesn’t restrict users from copying-pasting the text and forwarding it as a fresh message, ensuring no “Forwarded” label is visible in that case.

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