WhatsApp Plus – Introduction, features and download link

WhatsApp Plus is mod apk of WhatsApp messenger with some extra feature like GBWhatsApp that make your chats more interesting. Today I’m gonna talk you about the features and how you can download mod WhatsApp Plus apk. You might have heard about the mod apks by your friends, but do you know exactly what mod apks means? In simple, mod APKs are modified version of their original apps. Mod apps don’t have a original signature from original developers of app. But not every mod apps are safe. Many of mod apps might be made to spam users by taking their personal information.

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Talking about WhatsApp Plus, it is not just another messenger app. WhatsApp Plus is APK of original WhatsApp with modded Stylesheet files. In Android APK, Stylesheet information is not encrypted but codes are encrypted.

So what happen when you send message on whatsapp plus

Message is sent directly to WhatsApp servers in a same way original WhatsApp do and technically message can not be forwarded by any third party service because WhatsApp use MAC Address and special Encryption Key assigned to per device to verify authenticity. So messaging is Server Based process and can’t be modded.

So you might be thinking about how WhatsApp plus provides some extra features like HIde Online Status etc. Talking about WhatsApp plus, this information are transmitted to WhatsApp server by device. for example, when you open WhatsApp, activity whatsapp.open is recorded by WhatsApp servers. Modded version of WhatsApp prohibits this info transmission to WhatsApp server so they treat you as offiline. So this is Device Based operation and can be modified.

Features of Whatsapp plus

  • Get notification of which Message was revoked.
  • Swipe up to lock recording voice message.
  • Play video with your favourite video player.
  • Enabled UPI Payment feature.
  • Enabled search group participants, manage group admins, group settings.
  • Auto reply feature.
  • DND option to disable all incoming and outgoing sms.
  • Ability to add group description in WhatsApp.
  • Increase video limit in status.
  • Enabled Group info settings.
  • Hide last seen, blue ticks and second ticks.
  • Filter specific message while clear chats.
  • Anti-revoke messages mod which can not let other people delete sent messages to you.
  • Revoke multiple WhatsApp message at once.
  • You can recall WhatsApp messages, schedule message and much more.
  • Now create group invite links from WhatsApp Plus.
  • Now you can make a Video call in WhatsApp Plus.
  • Always Online mod.
  • Option to disable voice calling.
  • You can send any files such as PDF, TXT, Docs and much more.
  • Change theme easily with the help of applications.
  • You can change launcher icon of WhatsApp Plus.
  • In-Built lock which will lock your WhatsApp without use of any third party application.
  • Conversation text styles so that you can easily change styles of your WhatsApp.
  • Status limit increased to 255 charterer.
  • You can be online 24*7 with use of WhatsApp Plus.
  • Save, Load, Share your themes with your friends.
  • Configure pictures pixels and size of the images.
  • A log which will keeps track of your friends, who was online at what time.
  • Take a complete backup of all your chats and history.
  • You can also share high-quality images with the help of WhatsApp plus mods.

Download Whatsapp plus

To download WhatsApp plus to your android device, just click on the download button:

Download WhatsApp Apk

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