Why people prefer DuckDuckGo over Google

Before talking you about the supremacy of DuckDuckGo search engine over Google search engine, let me introduce you to DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is private search engine that do not track you like other search engines. It’s the most popular private search engine I’ve ever heard about.

Now that you have an idea about what is DuckDuckGo search engine, let us back to the question that why is it better to use DuckDuckGo search engine instead of Google. This article will clear all your doubts to find your ideal search engine that you will use in future.

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1. privacy matters

You don’t even have an idea about which website have how many trackers that will track you all the day long without making giving any sign of their existence. And you better check who is in the top of that list of tracking:

trackers by websites

And you have seen that right! Google have more than 80%  trackers, that will track you all day long. Your privacy doesn’t matter to them! And that’s the reason you should prefer DuckDuckGo instead of Google.

2. Blocks Google trackers

As you have seen in above graph that Google tracks you more than other websites. It not only tracks you in its search engine but also tracks you on Android, Gmaps, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome and many more. For those, you should use private alternatives like DuckDuckGo for search. The result of that tracking effects their advertising company. Google and Facebook are two of most dominating advertising company all over the world.


Nearly every website as of now have Google analytics installed in their websites. That tracks websites users behind the scenes, letting website owners know about who is visiting their websites. But that’s not the end at all!!! Information collected by Google Analytics are then feed to Google. Result of that tracking is Google is running the largest ad network, Google Adsense, all over the world with ease.

3. Ad Free search

ad free

You can search to DuckDuckGo without seeing any advertisement from them. Though, this option is not enabled by default, you can enable it by letting your head over to advanced settings. Also, you can use incognito mode as Google buys info from other websites as well.


4. !Bang feature


This feature will help you search quickly to a specific website like Wikipedia, Google, Instagram, Facebook etc. All you have to do is put ‘!’ mark before your search and select a website from their and type what you want to search in that website. This feature will help to search quickly with ease and once you’ve started to use this feature than you will get addicted to this feature so much.

5. more customization

DuckDuckGo search engine provides you to select a country and region, which will give you search results according to that country. You can choose your favorite theme and can customize Font, Font Size, Page Width, Background color, Header color, Result title Font, Color, URL Color and many more.

DuckDuckGo settings DuckDuckGo settings DuckDuckGo settings

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That’s all guys for now! Hope this article may clear all your doubts related to DuckDuckGo search engine. Go ahead and try DuckDuckGo search engine and give us review what’s new you’ve found in DuckDuckGo search engine.

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